The manufacturing process of Readymade Garment Cluster, Nagpur has remainded mostly traditional. There is hardly any changes in technology. The process of cutting, stitching, embroidery, washing and ironing have not changed much. As a result, the quality and productivity of the cluster is very low. There is high rejection rate and lot of time and labour is wasted in correcting defects.

In order to eradicate these problems, there is an urgent need to provide them skill development trainings and to popularize the new machines which are in operation for such industries. The above technologies will help in :

  1. Minimising rejection rate.
  2. Improving productivity and quality.
  3. Saving of labour and time.
  4. Eradicating dimensional distortions.
  5. Jointly sharing export orders.
  6. Making cluster competitive.
  7. To compete with branded graments.


Another thing which is also lacking in the cluster is diversification. For example, no one in the cluster is manufacturing branded items having good demand. These are the areas where the cluster can concentrate and demand of these products is going to increase in the coming years. Moreover, competition in this product segment is also limited.