About Us

Nagpur Garment Manufacturers Association [NGMA] has been formed whose president is Mr. Debashish Ghosh, Secretary Mr. Vipul Panchmatia, And Treasurer Mr. Nandkishore Kuhiker. The Executive. Members Are Mr. Manohar Wadekar, Mr. Sandeep Jain, Mr. Suresh Vaidya, Mr. Omprakash Talreja., Mr. Rinku Jain, Mr.Ravi Mehadia. The association has been formed for the welfare of readymade garment manufacturers. The association will organize awareness programmes, training sessions, and export promotion, govt. and non-govt. assistance to the association members; it will also work for generation of employment. Where training will be give to non skilled persons. The association has been formed under the able guidance and motivation of Mr.Prashant Parlewar[Dy.Director MSME] who is been appointed as cluster developing officer from central govt. for Nagpur. So with the collaboration between MSME and NGMA a garment manufacturers cluster is also been formed to make Nagpur’s infrastructure ready for garment exports. NAGPUR GARMENT MANUFACTURERS ASSOCIATION [NGMA] has been selected by MSME [NEW DELHI] to develop this cluster under MSECDP. As per the action plan DC, MSME, New Delhi has sanctioned funds for soft intervention as well as hard intervention in our readymade cluster. Under soft intervention various training programmes like cluster visit, machinery fair visits, sponsorship for attending national /international fairs, seminars like export marketing, technology up gradation, skill development, funds for common branding, web page development, common broacher etc are been taken. Under hard intervention common facility center [CFC] is been proposed. All the garment manufacturers, uniform manufacturers, boutiques, tailors and fashion designers are welcome to become member of this association and avail all the central/state govt schemes and other management related training programmes organized by the association.